Captain McFinn and Friends

Captain McFinn

Seton Academy West is happy to announce that we will be integrating the Captain McFinn & Friends program throughout the school!

Captain McFinn & Friends is an interactive educational program created to promote kindness, friendship and bully prevention. While inspiring young children to make a difference by being their very best, these entertaining books, songs, iBooks, apps and educational materials also help educators and parents explain the impact bullying and overall negative behavior has on those around them and their own personal self -esteem.  Students are taught valuable lessons on how to defuse such actions and how to control their own emotions and channel them in a positive direction. The program also helps children understand boundaries. How to set boundaries for themselves,  and how to help others respect those boundaries.   We hope all our parents will join us in reinforcing some of these lessons at home. Here are some reading and videos to help you have affective discussions with your children.



 Seton McFinn Board

Top 5 Ways to Be You and Be a Parent

Just because you spend your days driving little ones to swimming lessons, doing 4 loads of laundry only to get spit up on your one good shirt, cleaning up the latest crayon masterpiece on your once perfect white walls, and hoping desperately for a shower doesn’t mean you’re just a Mom. You also have a unique identity and every now and then, you need a little push towards self-discovery, just like your little one. Here is a nice article with great suggestions to help Mom out!

Videos for Parents

This page has several short videos for parents. These videos range in topics from “How to Help Shy Children” to “What to do When Your Child is a Bully” and “Teach Your Daughter to Stand Up for Herself.” These are a great resource for parents to use to continue the discussion at home.

Books for the Children

At the Captain McFinn website they also offer a variety of books and music, combined with an app to help make the learning experience fun and entertaining for the child.

McFinn Pledge

Just like Seton Academy West, Captain McFinn has a great Facebook page.  Check it out to see all the encouraging feedback given by parents around the country.

At Seton Academy  we try our best to encourage our students to be themselves and to explore their emotions, but we also have to encourage acceptance of others.

Approaching others and situations with a kind heart is part of positive social development.  When done properly this development also encourages a life-long love of learning.  We hope that you will take the time to discuss this program with your children and find way to incorporate the tools into your home.

Do you have Finn Power inside of you?

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