Happy New Year

Happy New Year to all and off we go to the second half of the school year.
The first half of every school year is filled with an enormous amount of learning and gaining independence.
Children learn transitions, routines, how to finish a project, and completing homework.

In early January it is time for assessments.   Assessments have many names in education. They can be report cards,
progress reports or evaluations.  The goals for these assessments are to inform the families of a child’s social,
emotional, physical and intellectual progression.

This shows a parent what the child is accomplishing at school.
The teacher evaluates each child regarding their assessment, and utilizes the assessment to set the goals for their
success as the year continues. As most of you know Seton has an open door policy and parents can speak with teachers
at any time, but this is a formal opportunity to talk about these goals so partners, teachers and the students all have
the same vision.
A life-long love of learning happens when we all stay engaged and keep encouragement consistent and positive.
Research has shown that practicing home work for 20 minutes a day, sitting in one place for the entire time
with no distractions builds concentration.  We hope all our parents will give this a try.  Most children can sit for 45 minutes and focus on homework by the age of 8 years.  Think about offering a treat if they can do the 20 minutes.  Like going to the park, or throwing the ball in the back yard.  This helps learn delayed gratification.
Our wish for all our students at Seton for 2015 is a life time love of learning and good health.
For our parents we wish you great joy for the year as we look forward to building our school community with great memories.

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