How can I help my child learn to read and write?


The Journey of Reading and Writing

It’s September, fall is around the corner. We feel the cooler weather (well, we want to feel the cooler weather) and Halloween decorations are coming out.  New routines are being established, and our families are happy that school is back in full swing.

For the Seton kindergartners this will be a big learning year. Some of the questions you might hear are; what sound does this letter make? Do these words rhyme? The teachers are asking, how many sides are on this shape? What letter does this shape start with? Can you complete the pattern? How far can you count? What is that word in Spanish? All of these questions start the child on a journey of reading and reading readiness.

Have you noticed we put the sight words at the child’s eye level? Smiles are all around as the children explore their sight words displayed throughout the school. You have many opportunities at pick-up and drop-off to look at all the words with them. Consider doing this at home. Learning at home can be more than just doing homework. It can be site words taped on the wall and stickers put on the paper by the child each time they recognize the word. Have you thought about exploring words with your child outside the home? What about finding words as you are driving with them in a car? Playing letter games in a grocery store is great fun.

We hope you will take the time to talk with your child about why it is important to read. You can support their learning by having them write their words and letters with different pencils, markers, and crayons. Ask them which one was easier. Which one looks the best to them? Show them on a computer the different fonts with different colors. These activities support the concept of thinking about printing and reading. It encourages creative thought around the early stage functions of writing letters and reading words. It is important to be patient and supportive during the early year stages.  Your attitude often will determine their response to want to learn.

Our mission is to help children see that writing and reading opens up all kinds of possibilities for learning and imagination. Most people think of Disneyland as the happiest place on earth, our challenge is to make Seton Academy Preschool the happiest place to learn. We hope to foster an environment where the children enjoy learning. Your challenge as parents is to extend learning outside the classroom, so each child begins to understand that learning is a life-long adventure and there are opportunities to learn everywhere.

We look forward to watching the children spell, read, write, sing, dance and make new friends.  We are all on a journey, let’s make it a good one.

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