Preschool Children Soak up Bits of Knowledge

Preschool children soak up bits of knowledge from everyday interactions, both at home and at school. The teacher provides learning opportunities for the child, but a parent’s involvement supports the child’s development in many areas. As a parent, your involvement ranges from playing learning games at home to communicating with your child’s teacher and volunteering at preschool.


Learning From Everything

Your involvement early in your child’s life sets the child on course to succeed academically. Your interest shows the child that you as a parent value education. Staying connected with the classroom gives you ideas of how to expand what is the child is learning at school. If a child learns about animals, you might go to the zoo, read animal books or do animal art projects at home. Reading with your young child is another way to set her up for academic success. Children need strong literacy skills for all academic areas.
When you get involved in your preschooler’s education, you get a better sense of what goes on in the program. Parent committees and boards allow you to share input and make decisions that affect the early childhood program. A parent who shares her time and talents enriches the preschool experience for her own child and for the other students. Communicating with the early childhood teacher allows you to share information about your child to benefit both parties. Your teacher may have suggestions for handling negative behaviors, and you may give the teacher insight into handling your child.
Seton Academy West is very proud of our Parent Auxiliary and the many opportunities a parent has to be involved in the schools’ activities.    The key is watching the excitement amongst the children when Mom or Dad comes to school to help with an event, project or just have lunch with their child.  Parent involvement is the heart of any child’s success as they go through the years in school.

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