Seton Greetings

It is that time of year again! The first months of the school year have gone by super quickly and we are in full swing for the winter holidays.
It is amazing to see the accomplishments of the children over the past three months.   The younger children are using their words, gaining independence, developing their fine and gross motor skills.  The older children are learning sounds, writing, language, reading a great deal. Everyone is doing varying levels of math, and all are doing well.   The Captain McFinn program has created an anti-bullying environment that is showing positive results.


Each of the classes are preparing ornaments, gifts, stories and much more to share for the holiday season.   It is an exciting time with many projects.  The Parent Auxiliary is busy planning fundraising events  and Santa Claus will be visiting the children on Friday, December 19th at the holiday programs.

We are all starting to feel the holiday rush and the stress that comes with this busy time of year.  It once was a time for slowing down.  Staying inside more and taking time for reflection.  We want to encourage you to take quiet moments to think about how your child is developing. This can be done by looking at photos and video to see the changes. Look at old homework and art work to see the development of fine motor skills.  Savor this this time in your lives.  To say that it is precious does not begin to describe how important this time is for your child and the whole family.
We are all busy with the ‘doings’ of the day, but taking time to appreciate all that we have and all that our children are
becoming is an important way to take stock in our lives.  This teaches the children to be observers to and appreciate gradual change.

The Seton Academy staff would like to thank all our families for their support this year.  This is proving to be one of our best years with parent engagement and fundraising. We want to wish a safe and happy holiday season and we hope the New Year brings you peace, happiness and good health.

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